fine-tuning my reading experience.

phase i: observe

  • what time do I start reading?
  • am I comfortable?
  • is my mind wandering, or am I involved in the story?
  • do I feel more relaxed when I finish reading?
  • where am I reading?
  • do I comprehend what I am reading when I begin to nod off?

the components:




exploring my reading routine


at night/before bed


in my bed


to try and optimize my reading experience for a better understanding

let’s see what the process looks like:

  1. choose the book
mind map!

phase ii- expand/contract

  • I was not comprehending what I was reading to the fullest extent
  • I was falling asleep while reading, not after
my brainstorm organization
  • a nudge to change my environment
  • a nudge that changes the time of my routine
  • a nudge to change the way that I read
  • a nudge that adds a step/new element
7 day period
my reading set-up
my process
the first page of my visual summary
Overview of Reading Comprehension This Week
large rendition of one of my small doodles
Anne Of Green Gables Visual Summary
  1. not falling asleep before I wanted to

phase iii- transform

A graph from the Washington Post
Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
  • outdated
  • slow
  • educational
  • a mind exercise
  • self-care
  • a superiority complex
  • academia
  • irrelevant
  • mind opening

How can these ideas change the future?

some speculative design ideas
How someone might use this product

the end

phase i: In this phase, I will observe my reading routine to see how to maximalize my time.
phase ii: nudge my routine to alter my reading experience.
phase iii: how can this nudge be altered to the extreme to impact the future?




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